Tuesday, 7 November, 2017

Manifesto on the suspension of subsidies of the youth organizations


Against the Spanish government blockade of the subsidies for youth and community action projects, the youth organizations and the National Youth Council of Catalonia (CNJC), platform that brings together 58 Catalan youth organizations and represents more than 200,000 young people, we want to express our rejection, denounce the situation and demand the immediate revocation of the decision. We consider intolerable the interference by the Spanish government since the Ministry of Finance is not entitled to block any budget item of a democratically approved budget in the Parliament of Catalonia, an institution that welcomes and represents the sovereignty of the Catalan society. We want to make clear that this is an arbitrary and unjustified decision with no based arguments. That a public institution claims that the youth organizations are not a priority is a clear violation to the right of free association!

A society without youth organizations is a dead society. The existence of such youth organizations and their inner partnerships are essential to build a just, democratic, critical, modern and cohesive society. This is the social model that we defend in the CNJC and to achieve it, the support of the administration is more than necessary. That is why we cannot conceive that the Spanish Government does not vitally support youth organizations.

Facing this attack on one of the pillars of democracy, it is crucial to give value to the youth organizations task in the strengthening of our democracies. The locking of the subsidies that we are living puts at risk the continuity of projects and the stability of 954 youth organizations and federations. The suspension of these subsidies, which directly affects 300,000 young people, involves many projects with social impact on millions of people.

As the National Youth Council of Catalonia we demand the Spanish government to stop the blockade and its intervention in the democratically approved budgets. It is necessary to put an end to the contempt and the devaluation of youth organizations that this measure entails. After the response made public yesterday by the Ministry, we urge the Catalan Government to make all the necessary arrangements to resolve this nonsense as soon as possible. The subsidies suspension not only jeopardizes youth organizations, but it is also an attack on democracy. In response to these attacks, we will defend youth participation and the value of youth organizations. Youth organizations cannot be suspended! We are the motor of change!

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