Tuesday, 7 April, 2015


We believe that the TTIP (Free Trade Treaty Between the EU and the USA) is an issue related to the productive model and to the rights of people in different aspects of their lives. The TTIP negotiations have been some of the most controversial processes in Europe and, in this respect, we have attempted to take part in forums for discourse creation, passing a resolution backed by the bodies of the CNJC in which we demand transparency and the opening up of the process. However, in the framework of the YFJ, it has been impossible to reach consensus to pass a resolution about the issue, despite the CNJC’s efforts to put across the views of young people in Catalonia. At the same time, the CNJC has created an online campaign in which attempts were made to raise awareness and publicize the impact of the TTIP on different aspects of our lives, including employment rights, the environment, consumers’ rights and democratic quality. Lastly, we have joined the campaign STOP TTIP promoted by different social agents and movements, and we took part in the international demonstration in Brussels to coincide with the online campaign.