Monday, 16 November, 2015

We have health in mind #AssociativaMent

At the 10th Youth Forum we began talking about mental health, young people’s suicide and the associative movement. The conclusions are compiled in the resolution: “Let’s raise the profile of young people’s mental health, let’s make our associative spaces healthy!”
We published the monographic magazine Debat Juvenil (Youth Debate) about mental health: AssociativaMent: Young people have health in mind! And we updated the mental health section of the health resources bank.
Later we decided to focus on a specific issue: mental health in associative spaces. We organized a training course with Fil a l’agulla and published a resource guide (catalan version) so that youth bodies can continue working on the content dealt with in training in their everyday lives. We dealt with three basic themes: conflict resolution, burn-out and emotional management in bodies.
All these actions have been accompanied by a campaign on the social networks with the hashtag #AssociativaMent: We have health in mind!