Saturday, 10 September, 2016

World Suicide Prevention Day

On World Suicide Prevention Day the CNJC made an online campaign to publicize our resources bank about mental health and other related resources.
In 2015 the CNJC began a line of work on the subject of mental health as a result of the 10th Youth Forum “AssociativaMent! Forum for work and discussion about young people and mental health”, the conclusions of which were included in the resolution “Let’s make young people’s mental health visible, let’s make our associative spaces healthy!”
After this training weekend and its main conclusions, the CNJC has helped to analyse the psychosocial causes that determine the mental health of young people understood as a group. It is therefore linked to their conditions of emancipation and spheres such as their educational environment, working conditions, and cultural, group or gender pressures. A commitment has also been made to empower youth bodies to promote themselves as healthy places that are fully inclusive and offer emotional wellbeing. Lastly, we have identified the acute need to work towards breaking the stigma of young people’s mental health, and making it visible, from a youth perspective. To date this has been non-existent in the campaigns of the principal agents in the field of mental health.
As a first action in this new line of work, and in the context of World Suicide Prevention Day, the “Mental Health” section of the resources bank has been brought up to date, with the experiences, resources, services and associative projects included as a result of the Youth Forum.